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Footsteps Dance School ?

Footsteps is a dance school founded in 1995 specialising in Teaching Ballroom, Latin, Rock'n'Roll and Freestyle. We also teach Musical Theatre, Street and contemporary. We also offer private tuition and exercise classes. We encourage our pupils to maximize their potential as stage performers through our bi-annual shows at the Haymarket Theatre. We are all qualified teachers with the International Dance Teachers Association.

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We meet at Park View Junior School, Pinkerton Road, South Ham


Our younger children have a session & normally dance according to their age. We follow the Rosette syllabus from the IDTA Ltd with a pre-school class and a 5-8 year old class.


The 8-10 year olds follow the Star dance syllabus, After completion of these classes they dance according to their medal status, beginning with Bronze advancing through the grades to International level.

We work towards three exams a year and classes rotate so always offering new and varied styles to keep the dancer motivated and stimulated. Dance exams are not compulsory however they are a fantastic way of rewarding the pupils hard work and dedication.



After your child has been dancing for a while they may decide they would like to 'compete'. Competitions are held at various times and locations throughout the year, and the accolade is to dance at Blackpool in either November (Freestyle and Rock'n'Roll) March (Street) or April (Ballroom and Latin). Qualification for these is via a regional competition held at various locations.

Competitions are not for the faint hearted - lots of neon lycra, bling, make up and loud music, but are also great fun. We have had great success at Blackpool in the Freestyle and Rock'n'Roll events in recent years.
Yearly we assess the pupils looking for those with the qualities we believe are required for competition... a great work ethic, fantastic attitude, an enthusiasm to learn and talent. We will then approach the parent. We will then arrange partners etc and we ask that all parents / pupils trust our judgement & years of experience in doing this.

Footsteps offer a free trial lesson for all classes. For the first term (15 Weeks) pupils can pay on a pay as you go basis, £6 per hour or £5 for 45 minutes. This enables both pupils and parents to be happy without spending too much money to start with. The following term, once the pupil is happy and settled within the school termly invoices are sent to the parents. Siblings & under 18 are offered a 10% discount.

We try not to have too many rules and regulations. Those we do have are:

  • NO chewing gum

  • Comfortable clothes that you can move in - Denim can be difficult to move in.

  • Footwear - We expect appropriate footwear to be worn in classes. Naturally in the first few weeks of joining anything comfortable is allowed but after about six weeks we ask pupils to wear dance shoes. We regularly have second hand sales for outgrown shoes so you need not pay a fortune. Other parents will also let you know where the bargains are! Tutu 2 Tango stock suitable footwear and are very helpful!

  • NO SMILE, NO ENTRANCE! You are entering a "Happy Zone"




We have a bi-annual show in which many pupils participate. We are limited to the number of people we can have backstage at the pupils and therefore occasionally have to disappoint some pupils. We select participants as fairly as possible but we do expect a level of commitment from those involved and this will reflect our decisions.
We fund our shows as much as possible by fundraising events and a rehearsal fee to try and avoid giving you a bill.

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