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If any Footsteppers, past or present would like to write us a testimonial click here

I send Catherine (Age 7) to dancing because it is an amazing dance school and she has come on so well since she has started at 4 years old. There are amazing teachers at the dance school and show compassion to all the children and what they do. I am so grateful to Footsteps for letting Catherine be part of the dance school, her confidence and ability has come on so much.

Diana (Parent)

I have been attending for 2 years and my thoughts are I love it because I am made welcome by Janine. She always has a smile on her face, and she helps me when I am stuck on the routines. Footsteps has given me my confidence back to progress and meet new people. I am always talking about dance and always practice at home, and even make up my own dances.

Amelia-Jane, Age 9

Brilliant dance school for all ages groups, started to take our little girl dance (Age 3) because she can be a bit quiet and shy at times, but since she’s been going to Footsteps we can’t shut her up 🤣. Every’s single child there is now my daughters best friend (her words not mine). Even the older children/young ladies do a fantastic job on keeping all children on their toes. Would defiantly recommend to friends as it was recommended to us buy a friend, can’t thank Footsteps enough - Thank you.

Anthony (Parent)

The only day I don’t have to ask my daughter (Age 7) to get up is a Saturday! So grateful for the fun, friendship, confidence, opportunities, teaching and encouragement that Footsteps has given her. It really is something very special, that I hope she’ll be part of for years to come. 

Fee (Parent)

My daughter Isla (Age 10) has been dancing with Footsteps dance school for over 5 years.

Dance started out as a fun activity each week, which has turned into a passion for Isla, she loves to dance more than anything else, she'll still get excited to go dancing each Saturday and see her Footsteps friends which is lovely to see the friendships she's made over the years, and her dedication to dance.

Isla's confidence has grown massively and this showed in her latest dance show, she was buzzing afterwards and can't wait for the next one!!

Janine and Kelly are dedicated amazing teachers as well as the team of teen helpers to assist the younger pupils.

We are so happy to be part of this Footsteps family 👣❤

Thankyou Janine and Kelly for giving Isla the confidence to dance and the opportunities to follow her dreams!!

Sarah (Parent)

We have been going to footsteps dance school for 4 years as a family now. The whole of the footsteps family have made us feel welcome. I have made such lovely friends since rehearsing for the Sliver show. From the teachers to the young helpers the school is a wonderful place to go and let go of all the stresses of normal life! Watching my daughters confidence grow week after week has been a delight. Kelly and Janine have been fantastic at helping her grow and become a confident dancer.
Being part of the show was an experience we will never forget. So many laughs and support from everyone who is involved! Footsteps really is a family and we are so proud to be a part of it.  ❤️

Becca, Age 36

(Parent & Pupil)

Footsteps... the dance school where you walk through there doors, your shoulders automatically feel lighter, everyone is an equal and encouraged to do their best. All the students support each other and friendships made that last a life time - a happy place for not just students but their family’s too. I had the privilege of being a part of Footsteps as a child and could not think of anywhere else that’s better suited to my daughter, so glad we have our dancing family 💜

April (Parent)

I have been dancing with the school since I was 2 years old and have made the best memories with the best group of people. Footsteps really feels like a family to me and I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I wasn't apart of it x

Chloe, Age 21

I love coming to dancing because it is an amazing place and they let me dance. I learn new dance routines that I have never done before and I got to be in the Footsteps dance show - I have never been in a show before. Hope to be in competitions soon!

Catherine, Age 7

This is an Amazing Dance School. I have had all my children, my grandchildren, my nieces, great nieces and hope to have my great grandchildren ect... to dance at this dance school. They are so friendly, happy and enthusiastic about their dancers and I have been coming to this Dance school for over 20 yrs now!

Fidelma (Parent)

I just wanted to share my reflections on yesterday- I sat looking around the auditorium seeing happy faces in anticipation of what was about to take a place. A multigenerational experience of normality in all this madness if only for last night.We awaited our loved ones with pride wanting to see what has kept them so fixated and focused this last few months/ years. What my children (Age 15 & 12) gained from this show will stand them in stead for many years to come. The inclusiveness of many walks of life, that sense of belonging and supporting everyone to enjoy themselves. Dancing gives them the healthy buzz, a sense of pride and a new found resilience.  The potential to succeed and grow from their experiences. The role models they look up to and now in turn  provide for those smaller than them is immeasurable.I know the memories created from yesterday will be lifelong - how many people can stand tall and know that - you can!Thank you for providing the most incredible experience - love to you both xx

Steph (Parent)

Footsteps is my Happy place!! 😍😍 I have been dancing for 5 years and it is my favourite thing to do. I just love to dance, to learn new styles, routines and one of the best things is performing on stage in the dance shows with my Footsteps friends. This was AMAZING!! Kelly and Janine are so lovely and great teachers, they have helped me learn so much and given me confidence to follow my dreams.  

Isla, Age 10

My daughter Megan absolutely loves her Saturday mornings spent at Footsteps! All the teachers are professional, passionate and lovely people who care about the kids as their own. If you love dancing, don’t look elsewhere, you can have it all here!  

Petra (Parent)

I look forward to coming every week and my confidence has really grown. I love competing and performing with everyone and always feel happy when I'm dancing at Footsteps.

Cara, Age 18

I danced from around the age of 5 to 16. I watched my sister dance and was dragged to her dance classes and competitions. Then that being 'dragged' turned into me actually wanting to get up and have ago and so I did. Footsteps was a MASSIVE part of my life and I still love looking at picture's and following the progress of everyone. Doing dance competitions and going to Blackpool gave me so much confidence and I will treasure that forever. There are also no words to describe how amazing Janine and Kelly are. They have some much patience and love for every single pupil. These ladies are wonderful and I cannot thank them enough for my dancing day's and they truly were memories I shall never ever forget.

Jade, 34 (Ex-Pupil)

Being part of Footsteps is like being a member of a second, much larger family. I am glad and proud to say that I was welcomed at the age of 7, have felt loved for the 26 years I've been with Footsteps and look forward to many more years of involvement with them! Kelly and Janine knew my family before I danced and Kelly eventually persuaded me to come along one Saturday in 1997 and the rest is history... As I have told them on numerous occasions, without Janine and Kels, I would never have gained confidence in myself as a student, a helper, a teacher and ultimately as the person I am today. Footsteps gave me the opportunity to perform, helped me make lifelong friends and allowed me to grow into the woman I am today so, as always ladies, THANK YOU! Despite not being as actively involved in recent times, I still love to support the school - you will hear me before you see me at classes, competitions and shows alike (if you know, you know)! The school is very supportive and all students are encouraged to cheer on their classmates - as a past pupil, I still want to support in any way I can! Here's to many more years... Footsteps Family Forever xxx (Not so secretly hoping there will be another Footsteps show I can get involved in...will it ever really be 'my last show'?!)

Michaela, Age 33

Footsteps is more then a dance school it is my second family and my confidence has grown so much. Footsteps believed in me, they gave me the opportunity to go and compete in Blackpool where I came 4th in R&R internationals.

Luke, Age 11

I have been attending for 5 months and I love Kelly and Abbie. They help me when I am stuck and they are amazing. I am now in a bigger aged group and I love love love it.

Harrison-Lee, Age 5

Denim (Age 8) has been dancing at Footsteps since she was two and a half and her love for dancing just keeps growing. It really is her favourite activity and not only keeps her fit and healthy but gives her confidence too. I’m so glad I found Footsteps, everyone involved in the school is so lovely and supportive and the teachers are absolutely amazing

Hannah (Parent)

The Keepings have been part of the Footsteps family since 1995.  We have all participated in dance classes, dance shows, competitions and showcases. Grandchildren are now fully involved too. Janine and Kelly are not only dance teachers but dear family friends too. As a family we are still going Strong and loving every moment being part of the wonderful Footsteps Dance School .

Tonia, Age 55

(Parent & Pupil)

Footsteps is the greatest! It’s my best place to be. I love seeing my friends and learning lots of dances.

Flo, Age 7

Footsteps Dance School is such a wonderful place to be. Dance has so many physical and psychological benefits, Footsteps school is affectionately known to many as 'their happy place'. I can confidently say this school has helped so many pupils in so many ways.


I have been attending this school for over 20 years, initially as a parent and laterally as an adult. During this time I watched my daughter blossom into a beautiful and wonderful dancer. She had tried other dance schools previously but never felt as comfortable and welcomed as she did at Footsteps. The friendly and supportive nature of the pupils is certainly at the core of the school and something that has always impressed me. From dance shows to competitions it's so lovely to see how the pupils support each other at these times. I have seen so many lovely friendships formed between the pupils and parents, many of which stay strong even when life  has taken them along their separate journeys. 


Thank you to Janine and Kelly who founded Footsteps Dance School, I know you have both worked so incredibly hard over the years, it's not always been an easy journey but you stood firm and I am so grateful that you did. Some of the older pupils have now returned to the school bringing their own children, that, I feel, is such a testament to the school.

Well done ladies, I have no hesitation in recommending your school to anyone.

Tina, Age 64

Footsteps is not just a dance school but a place that teaches you lessons you never forget. Janine and Kelly created a legacy and I will be forever grateful for their support and guidance. Some wonderful memories and this is a place that I will always remember. Looking forward to seeing even more success! Keep Dancing x

Ben, 35 (Ex-Pupil)

Oscar (Age 14), has been dancing since the age of 3, he calls footsteps his SAFE PLACE. Oscar has 3 elder siblings that danced at Footsteps also. For a few years now Oscar has helped along side the teachers with the younger children, he is honoured that he got asked. He has friends here that are really family to him.

Lisa, Age 46

(Parent & Pupil)

It’s amazing, I love it! It’s my favourite place to be

Denim, Age 8

My daughter Ellie (Age 11) started Footsteps 2 and a half years ago and the love for dance and friendships she has made have been amazing to see!
The confidence Janine, Kelly and all the teen helpers have given her has been so lovely to see not just within dancing but also the self confidence as well.
She looks forward to Saturdays with the Footsteps family and was buzzing after her first show with Footsteps this year! She can’t wait to do another one with them.
Thank you footsteps for helping my daughter find her passion!

Amy (Parent)

Many dance schools can offer you dancing lessons... but I don't believe any dance school could offer you that and the fantastic family atmosphere that Footsteps does. I have been dancing for almost 18 years and I have no intention of stopping, as quite frankly I would be lost without it every week & the Bi-Annual shows! It has been such a big part of my life for so long and I see everyone there (Janine, Kelly & all the other pupils) as not just friends, but extended family members, who will remain in my life forever. I would recommend Footsteps to anyone of any age looking to take up dancing, it will be the best thing you've ever done! 👣

Chris, Age 34

About 16yrs ago I was asked to take one Granddaughter dancing (Charli). Found dance in the yellow page's (I think) called Footsteps. It was at Richard Aldworth school. Charli's 1st teacher for her age was Katie, Claire and another girl, can't remember name - Katie was 15yrs old. So for the last 16yrs, Footsteps has been a big part of my life. (My Husband had to take a massive back seat through these years!) I've loved going to Blackpool, the competition, the beautiful costumes everyone wears, but most of all, just being part of Footsteps. The icing on the cake for me, was being able to do a few show's over the years. They're hard work, rehearsal's always when it's hot, getting routine's wrong, but most of all, the love & laughter we have together. I've been Dot Cotton (left prop on stage), an ugly duckling, gangster granny, can't forget Cleopatra... just a few I remember. I know this was always a dream of mine, when I was a kid, to dance my heart out and I have been able to live this dream these last few years. This is all down to Footsteps, Janine, Kelly and our massive, massive family. You're all special people to me. xx ❤️

Thank you Olivia B, Abbie-Mia, Charli and Olivia S for letting me watch you grow into the beautiful, crazy girl's you are, and watching Niamh grow into the gorgeous girl you are. Sarah-Jayne, if it wasn't for Footsteps, our path's would never have crossed. our beautiful friendship and memories are down to Footsteps. 👣💕

Karen, Age 66

Footsteps has been part of our family for the past 16 years. I have watch Olivia (Age 19) grow from a very shy reluctant 3 year old to a confident happy young woman. We have so many happy memories from watching Olivia dancing in the West End, Mayors Shows, Sporting and Charity Events. We have been lucky to see her competing in Blackpool which is always a highlight and memories we have shared as a family.

Footsteps is 'our happy place' - friendly, supportive and so much fun.

Sarahjayne (Parent)

Footsteps shaped my childhood and teenage years! It gave me the confidence I never knew I had, and so many unforgettable memories with friends I’ll love and remember forever. Janine and Kelly have created an amazing dance school where people can just escape and be themselves! I would recommend to anyone looking to have fun and learn to dance along the way 💛

Sydney, 27

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